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Monday, April 16, 2012

"Until Today" Review--Inspiring Poetry Everyone Will Enjoy!

My Summary:

Until Today: Stories and Poems on Life as I Know It is author Jerry White's latest work.  It is a book of poetry; but don't be fooled, it is also much more.  The book also contains vivid stories and introductions to many of the poems, providing an explanation and giving each poem more meaning.  Until Today is broken up into four segments:  Life in the Spiritual World, Life in the World of Family, Life in the World of Work, and Life in the World of the Living.  Some of the poems are more just Mr. White's thoughts regarding a certain issue, such as politics, while others are more prayer-like.  He shares many memories from his past and there is a pleasant feeling of nostalgia.  There's something for everyone in this book--the poems range on a wide variety of topics including faith, sports, handymen, movies (Star Wars), and even the Civil War!

My Review:

Until Today is a wonderful addition to the world of poetry!  Mr. White's introductions and personal stories give his poems more meaning and break up the monotony that sometimes comes when reading large volumes of poetry.  As for his poetry, his poems can be poignant and convicting.  Many have a depth and insight that is especially apparent when he explains his faith and Christianity.  He is vulnerable as he shares his thoughts on his faith journey, which endears him to the reader and makes the reader think about their own faith journey (the poem Waiting Room is one example).  I especially loved the poem Only A Moment which is inspired by Max Lucado's book One Incredible Moment, which tells how Christ's birth changed the world.  It's a powerful poem, which speaks of the significance of Christ's birth, its truth, and what it does for us.  There are many more poems like this that will inspire and uplift or just bring a smile to your face.  This is a great book for people of all ages and walks of life!

Excerpt from Until Today:

God’s Waiting Room

My thoughts I conveyed to God today

But He knew them before a word was said

My dreams I have made fully known today

I choose now by God to be led

My rudderless dreams have led me astray

Without the compass I have mislaid

My misguided misadventures in life

Have led to my family’s dismay

It is time for me now to relinquish control

Of the course my life has made

I give it to God to lead my way

With little or no further delay

I find myself now in God’s waiting room

Surrounded by those just like me

We have all been lost near the rocks of doom

Now we each wait for clear sailing at sea

With God at the helm of my life’s ship

I can’t wait to see where my life’s charted

But today I rest in God’s waiting room

It is here that my new course will be started


Until Today Bio for Jerry White
Author and poet, Jerry M. White, lives with his wife of 30 years, Micki, in the Atlanta area. Now empty nesters, Jerry and Micki expect the birth of their 10th grandchild sometime in May of 2012. Mr. White is a 1978 graduate of Georgia State University’s school of journalism and has worked for 3 different newspapers in the state of Georgia. He is a contributing writer for Poetic Monthly Magazine and has seen his work published in a number of regional publications such as The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Loose Change, Whimsical Collections, Reach of Song, The Golden Isles Guide, and others. He is a member of The Georgia Poetry Society, and the Poetry Society of Georgia. Mr. White also authored his first collection of poems, Moments of Mine: A Collection of Thoughts in Poem, in 2009 and is happy now to bring this new work to his readers.


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