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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Woman "Beside" Martin Luther--"Loving Luther" by Allison Pittman Review

"Loving Luther" by Allison Pittman is a captivating read about the woman behind (or should I say "next to") Martin Luther.  The book is told from Katharina von Bora's perspective--the woman who eventually becomes the wife of the great Martin Luther (the author of the famous 95 Theses).  But Katherina's tale is a little known, but fascinating story all in itself.  This book is about this smart and witty woman and what her life is like leading up to her marriage to Luther.  It starts from her girlhood in a convent and takes the reader on a journey of faith and growth alongside Katharina.  Katharina is captivated by Luther's words and ideas and escapes a convent due to Luther's writings and influence.  Katharina has to then go through her own journey to find her place in life as an unmarried woman without family to support her.  She develops a relationship and friendship with Luther, but it is many years until she comes to realize that she has feelings for this man.  Will he return her feelings? 

 Allison Pittman's writing and storytelling ability in "Loving Luther" are superb!  She draws the reader right into the story.  I experienced many feelings while reading Katharina's story, from humor when reading the scenes of her as a girl interacting with her friends in the convent to fury as I read of the way she is treated by a superior (although not all her superiors in the convent were portrayed as evil).  I rejoiced along with Katharina and the other nuns as they realized the truths of the Gospel through Martin Luther's writings. 

I enjoy the fact that Ms. Pittman starts the story from Katharina's girlhood and made it more Katharina's life story--not just a romance.  Ms. Pittman did an amazing time transporting the reader back to the time of the Reformation.  Katharina is a well written character and I love seeing the hunger she develops for God's Words, but also her struggles as she has to break free from the only life she has known.  The witty exchanges between Katharina and Luther make me smile and it's a great relationship that slowly builds throughout the story.  This is one of those books where you get to know the characters so well that you don't want to leave them at the end of it all.  I still can't stop thinking about this beautifully written story. 

Content: When Katharina is in the convent, there is a scene where she is physically abused by a priest.  There is mention of a girl's mother being a prostitute and how men would try to do things to the young girl.  A character curses once, but the curse isn't actually written.  Both Katharina and Luther get drunk.  There are a few jokes and references to the marriage bed.

Rating: I give this book 5 stars!

Genre:  Christian Historical Fiction; Medieval; Romance

I want to thank Allison Pittman and Tyndale Blog Network for the complimentary copy of this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I express in this review are my own. This is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s CFR 16, Part 255.

About the Author:
Allison Pittman is the author of more than a dozen critically acclaimed novels and a three-time Christy finalist—twice for her Sister Wife series and once for All for a Story from her take on the Roaring Twenties. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, blissfully sharing an empty nest with her husband, Mike. Connect with her on Facebook (Allison Pittman Author), Twitter (@allisonkpittman) or her website, allisonkpittman.com.

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  1. Ooh this looks so good! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Rebecca! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! It is amazing! I highly recommend it!