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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review of Dawn in My Heart

     Dawn in My Heart is an Inspirational Regency by Ruth Axtell Morren.  This book is very refreshing from many other Regencies in that the main characters have a lot more depth. The two main characters, Tertius and Gillian, start out as non-Christians, who agree to a marriage of convenience, each for their own selfish reasons. Ms. Morren portrays how each character lives according to their sinful desires.
     I feel that the whole book is very clean and nothing is done without taste. Some things are alluded to, such as “producing an heir," but very tastefully. The hero and heroine start to have a thread of attraction for the other, but it easily falls apart when tested. It is a good picture of how without a foundation in Christ, human love is often selfish and needy and easily falls apart when trials come.
     The hero, Tertius, has previously spent time in the Indies. A lover who he previously spurned has put a curse on him. I especially liked the portrayal of the grip the curse has on him, showing how real spiritual warfare is. God is the only power stronger than the curse that grips Tertius. Then Tertius faces another test where he must remain patient and loving with his wife while she continually treats him unkindly. This is the same way he used to treat others. Finally, in God’s time, our heroine is brought to the Lord as well, and she and Tertius become the man and wife God intended them to be. 
     Again, this book is sold under the genre of inspirational Christan fiction, but some Christian readers may find it a little more "edgy" (for the reasons mentioned above).  I did not find anything to be offended by in the book and would thoroughly recommend the book.  I give it four and 1/2 stars!


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