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Friday, October 19, 2018

Review of Campaign Monitor-- A user-friendly email marketing platform provider!

I recently had the opportunity to test out an email marketing platform provider called Campaign Monitor.  I'm always trying to find better ways to promote my blog and Instagram, so I thought Campaign Monitor would be perfect for that.  Through Campaign Monitor’s web-based platform I’m able to send out a newsletter to promote both my blog and Instagram and update my followers on the different tours and giveaways happening on my blog and Instagram. 

With Campaign Monitor, I took advantage of the free trial, but did spend time also looking at what was included in their other packages.  Their Basic Package—$9 per month—includes email design tools, technical support, subscriber management and more, which I thought was a lot for the price!  You can see a list of the three plans and what they include here: 

There is so much included in this platform, one could spend hours perfecting their campaigns and making them look professional.

I was able to create a test campaign from one of the many pre-made templates available on Campaign Monitor’s website (I chose a sample template that was promoting a deal on an organic juice because I’m all about organic and healthy foods!). I sent the campaign emails out to some of my family members.  The template was easy to use and I had several options for importing the list of email addresses or just entering them manually.  I thought a nice feature was that I could choose to send emails out to targeted audiences if I wanted.  You can also use apps connected to Campaign Monitor that help in this area.  I easily was able to name the campaign, use the provided ad and enter my recipients’ email addresses and the campaign was sent.  You can see a full list of Campaign Monitor’s features here:

I was also impressed with the insights Campaign Monitor can give you once you’ve sent out your email campaign. These insights help you better your future campaigns.  I am hoping to spend more time on this site to use it as I mentioned above for my blog and Instagram.

I liked how much content this site has and how user-friendly it is!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a business or website who wants to easily grow their product!
Disclosure:  This review has been provided at the request of Campaign Monitor and Anagram Interactive. I want to thank them both for their partnership and sponsorship.  A small amount was provided to me so that I could access all of the available features on their website. A positive review was in no way required as part of this partnership. The views expressed here are my own.  All pictures are from Campaign Monitor’s website and used with permission (except for the logo).
Link to the main site: https://www.campaignmonitor.com/b/


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